PACSworks consultants are selected against the criteria of intelligence, application and their experience, which includes:

CLINICAL and OPERATIONAL experience as leading professionals. Our consultants understand how the NHS and private healthcare organisations work, and how imaging services in particular are delivered.

The TECHNOLOGY of healthcare — including imaging systems, information systems, local and wide area network considerations, imaging modalities, and integration.

PACSworks consultants have a wide and detailed knowledge of products and their suppliers, which enables us to identify where technological or operational problems may arise, and the counter-measures that are required.

The BUSINESS of healthcare; our consultants have broad experience in senior management roles, knowledge of finance within healthcare providers, budgetary control and in particular control of costs and implementation of benefits, knowledge of all aspects of the training, encouragement and retention of personnel, and special knowledge of quality and continuous improvement as applied to healthcare.

Client Quote

"Without them, I am entirely convinced that the project would not have got off the ground. They worked extremely hard, were value for money, and above all delivered on the stringent targets that we were working to." - General Manager, Major London NHS Trust